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Row of B Furnaces at a customer's facility

Model B Furnaces

Camco's Model B furnaces are our most popular product. A remarkably large work zone relative to the overall size of the furnace, our model B fits where you need it to. The frame rolls on heavy duty castors and fits through a standard door without any disassembly. Our top loading design utilizes a simple manual cover and door lock that lasts with minimal maintenance for decades. Unparallelled reliablility, rapid loading and unloading, and simple push-button operation make this furnace a true workhorse.

Our polished stainless steel topskin additional level workspace gives a clean and convenient work surface right on the equipment itself. If the available space inside a production or clean room environment is at a premium, these furnace models cannot be beat for their size, efficiency and price.

Camco's B16 Hydrogen Furnace

B Hydrogen

  • Positive Pressure Hydrogen / Inert Gas Operation
  • Many options available for customization.
  • Simple, safe and highly-repeatable operation
  • Select Maximum Temperature for Specifications:

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Camco Model B-VAC High Vacuum Furnace

B Vacuum

  • Standard high-vacuum turbomolecular pump
  • 10-7 Torr Pressure in ideal conditions
  • Completely automatic and simple to maintain
  • Select Maximum Temperature for Specifications:

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A computer controlled BVAC 1600 degree combination high-vacuum and hydrogen furnace

B Combination

  • Both Hydrogen and High Vacuum Operations
  • Our most versatile furnace for those who require it
  • Nearly every one built to custom specifications. A complete no-compromise solution.
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A computer controlled H Furnace, 1600 degree combination high-vacuum and hydrogen furnace

"H" Furnace

  • Identical to other B Models, but with a hoist-raised chamber instead
  • Creates a higher platform that is easier to load/unload
  • Made to operate in Hydrogen, High Vacuum or Both
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