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Row of J furnaces on our shop floor

Model J Furnaces

Camco's model J furnaces are our largest standard product. Load your parts from a convenient and ergonomic height while the entire chamber is lowered over the parts from above. Camco uses only electric linear actuator hoists, with no messy or noisy hydraulics. Model J furnaces are available in many different configurations, sizes and temperature ratings.

Camco's larger production hydrogen furnace, up to 1250 celcius

J Hydrogen

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Camco Model K-VAC-14 High Vacuum Furnace

J Vacuum

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K 1400 degree C Hydrogen Furnace

J Combination

  • Both Hydrogen and High Vacuum Operations
  • Our most versatile furnace for those who require it
  • Does the work of multiple furnaces all in one convenient piece of equipment
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